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Project Description

Small tool for printing task cards used for a Scrum board. Your Scrum board will be looking impressive. Supports Team Foundation Server 2010/2012/2013/2015 and Visual Studio Online.


What's new in version 7.8:

  • Add support for User Defined Reports
  • Minor UI updates
  • UX improvement: Add checkbox for task selection
  • Fix for Issue #1608 Allow to select a subset of tasks to be printed
  • Fix for Issue #1605 Please support Rich Text description fields
  • Multiple optimizations
  • Fix crash in Visual Studio installation detection
  • Fix JIRA Jql bug
  • "Version 7.X" refactoring job done: All access to providers (Team Foundation Servers, Atlassian JIRA, ...) are moved to MEF parts. Ready for new access provider extensions.
  • Experimental support for Atlassian JIRA
  • UI/UX simplified
  • User Defined Reports: Define paper margin. Bug 1701
  • User Defined Reports: Empty values are printed as -
  • Fixed 7.0 report issues
  • Fixed 7.0/7.1 issue regarding multiple reports

User Defined Reports:

Do you want to customize the cards to fit your team? Add your company name on the cards? Use other colors? Change the content? Print on index cards? Starting from version 7.7 you can do that using configuration files only - no coding/compiling required.

How to: Guide.

If you have made a cool user defined report that you want to share then please make a new discussion and upload the files. Then this report will be added as a build-in report to the next release.

Future development:

  • Vote on this issue if you want support for Scrumwise
  • Vote on this issue if you want support for JIRA

If you find this tool useful please rate it. Thank you.

Supported Process Templates:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum
  • MSF for Agile Software Development
  • Any Team Foundation Server template

Overall ideas:

As a believer of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development, individuals and interactions are over processes and tools. That's why this tools contains multiple versions of card reports for the same Team Foundation Server process template. If you have, or would like, to have a report that fits to your team, please contribute to this project to get more reports included into the project.

Supported Report Templates:

Template Overview.

Technology used:

.NET 4.5, WPF, MEF, WiX, Burn.

Got any improvement ideas?

Please add ideas to the discussions.


Tweets about Task Card Creator.

In case of a crash:

Follow the instructions: Crash Reporting.


Thank you Paul Stovell for letting me use the XPS Report Generator
Thank you Shai Raiten for the article Working With Queries
Classic WiX Burn Theme for the bootstrapper user interface
dpbevin for the JIRA Rest Client for .NET

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